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I must admit when I heard Amazon was coming to Australia, I thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. To a degree, I still believe that is true for the consumer. But for the seller, forget about it.

Consumers will have the benefit of in some cases next day delivery by Amazon

  1. Excellent refund policy where Amazon could care less about the seller or circumstance behind the. transaction
  2. Amazon lacks any real support for the seller, other than to tell the seller to give the consumer money back no questions asked. Remember it’s not coming out of Amazon pocket.

The one thing consumers should know before taking advantage of the benefits of Amazon is to look on eBay as they remain the most competitive, and their customer service exists and isn’t buried behind a million clicks to get to a real person to help you.

Amazon appears to be no more than an extension of the popular sites based out of China. In most cases even local sellers based in Australia never get the same support as the sellers from overseas that are filling their warehouse with product Amazon then distribute and collect additional fees for warehousing and distribution.

Should you be a local seller of a product and you don’t take advantage of their fulfillment services then you are treated as a second-class citizen and not supported as much as those that are sending a product to their fulfillment centers where they then collect additional fees.

Amazon takes responsibility for nothing and trying to get real help or assistance as a local seller who fulfills his or her own product can get lost.

And let us not forget about the sellers that start doing well. If you’re a seller you need to withdraw your money no matter what the amount asap.